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Deep Word is a startup based out of Bloomington, Indiana that makes synthetic media creation accessible to everyone. Our goal is help individuals and businesses create engaging synthetic content at scale.

The early days of synthetic media were marked by large production studios spending millions of dollars on high budget movies, TV shows, and advertisements in order to display spectacle or exemplify the impossible. As time progressed, synthetic media in the form of computer generated graphics began leaking into more and more scenes, with modern productions often begin a majority synthetic. However, all of these productions are currently being constructed manually be hand, which is an extremely expensive and time-consuming process.

Today, modern research into computer vision and machine learning has drastically reduced both the cost and complexity of synthetic media production. But most importantly, it is allowing this process to be hands-off and automated. When you use Deep Word to create a piece of video content, no one is rotoscoping facial positions or hand animating facial movements in sync with audio. Our deep learning models are using your uploaded input to do all of this automatically and this is something that we think is incredible.

Nothing makes us more excited than providing these tools to the public. We are eternally grateful for all of our users, both paid and free. Thank you for using our products and supporting our mission of providing synthetic media creation tools to the world.

Deep Word Team

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