Deep Word Services

Content Creation

Want to create synthetic video content featuring your own organization’s staff, for 1/10th the time and cost it takes to produce it traditionally. Our digital team is ready to produce your custom video content at scale. If you have an idea, we can make it.


eLearning – Adding Faces To Lectures – Increasing Information Retention

Content Personalization

Want to generate personalized video content unique to each one of your customers, employees, or email contacts? Our development team is ready to integrate into your LMS, CRM, CMS, or distribution channel of choice. Personalize your customer onboarding, employee training, and email outreach at scale.

LMS – Personalized Employee Onboarding – Lowering Employee Turnover

Real Estate – Add Realtor’s Face and Voice to Property Presentation – Increasing Buyer Inquiries and Personability

CMS – Generate News Presentations For All Articles Published – Increasing Traffic, Engagement, and Ad Revenue

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