We are committed to developing Deep Word as a tool for good. This is why we internally screen all synthetic content produced through Deep Word for malicious activity and the formulation of disinformation.

We categorize attempts at the creation of such content as either minor or major offenses. A minor offense will typically consist of a user attempting to abuse the limits of Deep Word’s functionality. A major offense will typically consist of a user attempting to create or spread disinformation about a public figure or entity. However, the resulting categorization of an offense is subject to our discretion.

A minor offense will result in an immediate termination of the content being created. Additionally, the user account associated with the offense will be warned and flagged for their actions. If the same user account commits another minor offense, their account will be terminated. If a major offense is committed, the responsible account will be terminated and the user will be banned from all future use of Deep Word’s products effective immediately.

These offenses are ones that we do not take lightly and are why we have invested heavily into our content screening infrastructure. We will inform you of any violations before taking permanent action. These checks are put in place to maintain Deep Word’s commitment to social responsibility and integrity.

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