How AI Video Makers are Transforming the Video Industry

How AI Video Makers are Transforming the Video Industry

No one realized the potential of videos a decade ago. However, social media platforms have changed all of that, and in a big way! Today, videos are extremely successful at delivering information and have become an integral aspect of digital marketing, online schooling, and a variety of other applications.

As much as we like videos, their editing can be challenging as it consumes more of our time, effort, and financial resources. From assembling a team, purchasing equipment, and hiring a studio, to subscribing to various video editing software, these incur high costs which may not be ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the dynamics of video making and editing. AI video maker helps to create synthetic videos easily and fast and these can be produced in-house without any outsourcing or external support. It means a lot for small businesses. It focuses on lowering the barrier to entry for video creation, allowing anybody to create professional-looking videos in minutes, right from their browser.

What is an AI video maker?

An artificial intelligence video maker enables you to create professional videos, both long and short, without having to hire actors, cameras, or audio equipment. These AI video makers work on intelligence-based algorithms. It is trained by feeding millions of instances and then improving on what works and what doesn’t. The machine learns and picks up the results improving itself based on the feedback. Ultimately, the AI-based algorithm delivers the expected outcomes, sometimes even better than people at the work.

AI video makers and editors can augment videos with different AR effects such as filters for face and colors, face touch up, lip-sync, and much more.

Benefits of using AI in video making and editing

With the help of AI technology, you can now effortlessly make and edit videos in a matter of minutes. These are powerful and smart enough to synthesize videos to your specifications. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using AI in video making and editing.

  • AI editing is more effective than human editing since they are less prone to errors.
  • AI video maker learns from videos and makes adjustments based on their learning and interpretation.
  • Video editing is faster and your videos are ready in a few minutes rather than days together  
  • When compared to making movies from scratch, using an AI video generator is a fraction of the price.
  • AI video makers are simple to use and any layman can create synthetic videos
  • It offers various customization options for a better visual experience.
  • It helps viewers to search for the most relevant videos they are interested in.
  • AI video editing makes the videos much more engaging and interesting to watch.

Synthetic videos for video marketing

Shooting and recording videos, as well as editing them, takes a lot of time. There is a limitation on how fast you can edit videos. On the other hand, an AI video synthesizer edits videos easily. It is productive and saves time.

With a video synthesizer, you don’t need to film video content with a camera. It uses AI software to simulate actual footage and real actors eliminating the need for crew, studio, equipment, and actors.  

For instance, AI video maker software such as Deepword helps people to create synthetic videos of people talking. You have to just provide the audio or text input and select a video actor or avatar. The powerful AI algorithm will sync the lip and jaw movements of the video actor with the text or audio within minutes. This AI video maker can be applied to dozens of use cases such as educational content and employee training.

Corporate training- For onboarding, employee training, annual reports, company policies, and other videos.

Real estate & listings- Add the realtor’s face and voice to videos of property listings and the real estate market.

Instant news & articles- Breaking news videos with presenters.

Education & tutorials- Product presentations and instructional videos

Satire- Dub over movies and TV shows in regional languages or funny dialogues

Medical- Tutorials, instructional videos, and messages for patients in any language.

Content creation- For digital marketing of the brand.   

Personalized messages- Personalized video messages to customers, email contacts, or employees.

Brands can put together a bite-sized clip or edit short videos in no time. From breaking news to realtor property listings, synthetic videos can be a game-changer to reach a huge audience and get an edge over competitors.


AI video creation tools like Deepword are a terrific way to get started, whether you want to convert text to video or audio to video. Imagine being able to create celebrity messages or personalized messages! It has the ability to elevate your brand’s marketing efforts. It has done away with the need for numerous applications and the purchase of pricey computer hardware. It has made video editing straightforward even for those who have never done it before.

What would have previously been a PDF slide is now a video! AI video makers are paving the path for a more customized and sharing way of communication.

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