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Need a presenter to break important news as it happens? Or maybe you need video versions of your articles and blogs to drive higher engagement? Well you now can, with Deep Word. Create your first two minutes of video for free.

How It’s Done

Select Your Video Actor

First, select the video actor you want to present your article or blog. You can either select one of our video actors or upload your own. If you use your own, make sure you follow the guidelines on our How It Works page.

Copy-Paste What They Will Say

Then, copy-paste your news article or blog into the text-to-speech section. Alternatively, you can upload the audio you want your presenter to say. Click generate, and your video will be ready in minutes.

Edit Your Video

Congrats, your Deep Word video is complete! You can download your video for immediate use or add additional visuals and music via your preferred editing software. Our digital team offers start-to-finish video creation services. Please contact us if you’d like to explore this option

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