Sell properties 4x faster with AI-generated video

Supercharge your listing with a video tour of your property, presented by you. That’s right, your listing videos can be presented by your face and voice, without any filming.

Instantly connect with your buyers while standing out from 99% of other listings. Book a call to learn how our videos will 4x your buyer inquiries. Videos start at $9.99.

What You Get

High-Converting Listing Video: Presented By You

Listings with our videos receive an average of 403% more listing inquiries than their videoless counterparts. That’s over four times the number of interested buyers contacting you for more information on your properties. But how could a well-edited slideshow tour achieve such results?

The secret is in the face. People connect with people, and prospective buyers are comforted by realtors that take the time to make their marketing personable. It shows one’s focus on relationships rather than transactions. But thanks to recent advances in AI-generated video, you can achieve the same effect without any effort on your part.

A personable, well-produced video immediately distinguishes your listing from 99% of the others online, warming your buyers up to your property and brand.

What You Give Us

Property Listing Photos & Description

This can either be a link to your listing, or you can share your property listing photos and description with us via email/cloud. Your listing description will be used to create your video’s script, and your photos will be edited inline with this, allowing for video presentations that feel like a tour.

Short Video Of Yourself

We use this to generate video of yourself presenting your listing, without having to film you doing so. This only has to be recorded once, and can be used for all your listing videos created by us. This is a short 30-second video of yourself talking to a camera (cellphone or DSLR). It really is that easy.

Video Options

Actor’s Face - Neural Voice

Starting at $9.99

A basic, well-edited video presentation of your property, with your image, branding, and contact information. Can be presented by one of our Sample Realtor Actors, or without a talking face at all. Voiced by one of our Neural AI voices. Bulk pricing available.

Your Face - Neural Voice

Starting at $29.99

An elegant, well-edited video presentation of your property, presented by your face, with your branding and contact information. This video will be voiced by one of our Neural AI voices. Bulk pricing available.

Your Face - Your Voice

Starting at $84.99

An elegant, well-edited video presentation of your property, presented by your face, with your branding and contact information. This video will appear to have been voiced by yourself. However, we will use our AI to recreate your voice for use in your property videos. Bulk pricing available.

About Us

Hi, my name is Ankush and I founded the startup Deep Word. If you watched our main video above, then surprise! That wasn’t actually my face or voice. However, I did write that video’s script. Pretty cool, huh?

We use AI to create videos of people talking, but have always specialized in real estate property videos. Before I got involved with Deep Word, I worked as a freelance video producer for realtors in central Florida. Through lots of experimentation, I discovered which styles of property presentation received the most attention, and which ones didn’t. Granted, this would vary based on the type of property it was, but one thing always held true.

Every time I could convince a realtor to get in front of my camera and present their property, their listing would receive 4x the amount of inquiries. Why you might ask? People are psychologically wired to feel more comfortable around other humans, even if that presence is digital. It showed an emphasis on relationships over transactions, which is important when conveying a buyer’s best interests as your own. But even more so, it was a guaranteed way to stand out from all the other listings online. It’s already rare to see videos on a listing. So seeing one presented by the actual realtor immediately floats that property and realtor to the top of a buyer’s mind and decision-making process.

But there was one problem with this.

It takes a lot of time. We’d have to schedule a day to meet and a location to shoot. The realtor would have to memorize their script, all while worrying about their hair, makeup, and appearance. Overall, it wasn’t sustainable for most realtors. We would do this for their highest ticked properties, but never for the bulk of them.

When we initially developed our early AI video generation prototypes, I immediately knew that this was going to forever change how realtors produced their marketing materials. We offered a few free videos to realtors we knew, and every single one saw significantly increased buyer interest as a result, validating our hypothesis. The response was so great that they all became frequent customers of our AI video services, as well a referred us to other realtors in their space.

Anways, I’d love to chat about your properties and any potential ways we might be able to help. Every property has a story and I’ve found that strategically conveying that to buyers is best done through video. Hope your 2021 is off to a strong start. Talk soon.

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