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Personalized video is by far the most engaging means of communicating with a sales prospect or existing customer. However, it is unfeasible to produce at scale due to time and cost constraints. But now with DeepWord, you can upload contacts via any CRM and personalize videos for each individual using merge tags. Then import the videos back to your CRM and distribute them in sales campaigns, email sequences, or however you see fit. Check out our How It Works How It Works page for more info. Create your first two minutes of video for free.

How It’s Done

Upload Your Contacts

Download the contacts you want to personalize videos for from your CRM. Then upload them to DeepWord.

Customize Your Video Template

Select or upload your video actor, set your video overlay settings, and upload your background visuals. Then paste in your video script and personalize it with merge tags (the same way you would personalize a bulk sales or marketing email). Next, hit the ‘Create’ button to generate a personalized video for each of your contacts. Finish up by personalizing your video share pages with your logos, colors, domain, and button links.

Export To CRM

Finally, export your personalized videos links back to your CRM. Distribute them via email campaigns or sequences, LinkedIn, or any other method supported by your CRM.

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