Want to dub over your favorite movies and TV shows with your own funny or entertaining dialogue? Your imagination is the limit! Create 5 videos a month for free.

How It’s Done

Upload Your Desired Scene

First, upload the scene you want to dub over. Remember that your scene should only feature one static actor. View our How It Works page for further guidelines.

Upload The Audio They Will Say

Then, upload the audio you want your actor to speak. Alternatively, you can select a voice and type their words as well. Click generate, and your video will be ready in minutes.

[Optional] Edit Your Video

Congrats, your Deep Word video is complete! To create a coherent scene, it would be best to create multiple Deep Word videos with your desired actors, and edit them together. Our digital team offers start-to-finish video creation services. Please contact us if you’d like to explore this option

Specific Examples

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