How to create a kickass virtual sales pitch that helps convert

How to create a kickass virtual sales pitch that helps convert

No matter how complex the product, a sales pitch has to summarize the benefits of the product in the shortest time possible. With time, it has become increasingly difficult for sales managers to pitch their products to a wider audience- after all, if you want to go global, you will need to use technology in the best way possible to reach the desired audience. Here is where Sales & Marketing Video with AI comes into the picture.

If you are sitting in the US selling cyber security systems worldwide, a short video explaining the details of your product could be great. When you email someone, they would rather watch a video explaining the product than read paragraphs of text.

However, making a video explaining the product isn’t child’s play- you have to integrate animations, voice, text, and other elements to create a video that truly helps to interest people and motivates them to ask further.

How a personalized video with a virtual actor works better than a generic pre-recorded video

Agreed, a sales pitch video is much more effective than sending your prospects a text-based email. However, just a generic video stating the benefits and uses of the product may not help you get the desired results. The secret sauce here is personalization.

Studies have shown that a 1:1 personalized video gives an incredible 400% greater chance of conversion than a generic video or any other type of virtual sales pitch. Though this is a better way to get your message across, many organizations do not know how to personalize a video, after all, making a video itself is a resource-intensive exercise. 

There is a solution though- you can create a video where a virtual person explains the product while you just need to personalize whatever he says for a great virtual pitch. In addition to this, you can integrate this virtual explanation video with your existing videos, so that the viewer relates to what is being said with the help of animations, real-time video recordings, and other design cues.

This is possible with Deepword-an AI video generation platform that uses the power of Artificial Intelligence and other related technologies to help you create such personalized videos. What’s more, you can choose from a host of video actors or upload one of your own, for better personalization.

4 tips to create a personalized video

Personalization means making a video that makes the viewer feel special. When you pitch to them directly, you create an informal connection with that person. Here are a few tips you can follow for a great personalized video.

Communicate complex ideas simply- This is perhaps the hardest part of making a video. To explain complex parts of your product, you could use illustrations and other visual elements to explain the concepts simply. This could include graphs, charts, or video recordings demonstrating the product.

Pitch your product in a way that stands out from the rest- Personalized videos are quite a new trend. Most companies haven’t yet caught on with this. Here is where you can use your creativity and marketing skills to highlight your product and its features in a way that your competitors can’t.

Be transparent, it helps build trust- Though a sales pitch email can help you get to your customers, it lacks the personal connection. Your customers may not trust cold callers. A personalized sales promotion video solves all of this in one go.

Check the video insights and listen to feedback- Video insights help you know how well your personalized video is performing. Also, encourage viewers to give their comments. Based on the insights and feedback, you could fine-tune your video to help you get the desired results.

In the end

With each business niche getting crowded with all types of companies, standing out would need you to do something that others don’t. An AI-enabled video with virtual video actors would be great to help you achieve your business goals. If you are looking to enhance your marketing and sales pitches, contact Deepword today!

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